Getting to Know Gael Tarleton, the secretary of state candidate on the recent election

Gael Tarleton is a member of the democratic party, who ran for the secretary of state in the recent election. She is the Washington State Representative – 36th District (8 years, elected 2012). That means she is a four-term legislator. She was also the Seattle port commissioner in 2007 and 2011.

She grew up in a very small town, north of Boston Mass called the North Shore of Boston. But what brought her to the Washington state, was her love toward the northwest while she visited here for vacations.

She graduated from their local public high school in Manchester Massachusetts and went to Georgetown University in Washington DC. And she started working for the defense intelligence agency right out of college, during the cold war.

She worked full-time and went to grad school part-time to complete her master’s degree in Government and national security studies.

Gael Tarleton had been studying the Soviet Union and Russian history ever since she was 16 years old. And this has her the insights she needed to open a business in a country like Russia.

She is a very active politician and an individual who has dedicated a massive of her life to ensure a clean energy future. Gael Tarleton has been working to ensure a future where clean, affordable, and reliable energy is available to all the people of Washington state. She is known as someone who has undertaken some of the biggest challenges in her career.

Gael Tarleton has opened businesses in countries like Russia. She also led teams of people in various parts of Eastern Europe to make sure all the nuclear reactor waste is cleaned. Her amazing capability has helped her put together teams of people to help Russia and Eastern European countries improve their environmental monitoring technologies in their rivers.

She was also an active member of the Nuclear regulatory commission. There she worked for decades along with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to figure out the perfect plan to secure the grid from any form of cyber-attack and disruptions.

As a strong believer in teamwork and 100% clean energy, Gael Tarleton is dedicated to solving the massive energy problem we see throughout the world.

She also believes that the voting rights and the security of the elector are under attack. And she is committed to protecting every vote of every voter who is counted for a legitimate result in the election.

Gael Tarleton is also a co-sponsor of the reproductive health access for all Act and the protecting patient care Act.

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