Why Joe Biden Winning the Election Is A Good Thing for the US and The World

During the time when Donald Trump sat in the office for 4 years, a lot had changed. A lot of the relationship between many countries and the US got vicious. And this rose an overwhelming amount of unnecessary economical violence among the countries.

As one of the biggest influencing countries in the world, the United States needs to stay strong with unparallel leadership. And that is exactly what Joe Biden has to offer, as the president.

Biden is without a doubt one of the most ambitious candidates from the democratic party this country has ever seen. He is without a doubt, not an aspiring candidate like Obama was. But what he is a resonance of acceptance to the broadest possible range of civilians. And that is exactly what America needs during a time of crisis like this.

He is not a radical and he is not frightening as well. Joe Biden is someone who appeals to a massive spectrum of people as dependable. And not being divided during this time is crucial.

Another key thing to note is, he has shifted left along with his party. That means he is open to any sort of change for the betterment of the country and as well as for maintaining Unity. Which is a great quality to have as a president.

Biden has also proposed a massive environmental plan with two trillion dollars of investment. And this is his first step to fulfill the pledge he made to make America carbon neutral by the year 2050.

America has shown to have a variable opinion about federal government intervention throughout the year. But the support the public is providing for a big govt has never been so high before. Asa result, Joe Biden has more room to move with his unique policies and be more ambitious.

Joe Biden has also come at a time when the economy of the country is struggling. But contrary to popular belief, Democrats have a better history of steering the economy in the right direction.  Democratic White House has been always better at running a better economy. And that is why Joe Biden winning the Election is a very good thing. For more info on the US economic history of both parties, click here.

Unlike the previous years, The US is in serious need of a recovery phase, both from the economic collapse and with relationships with other countries.

Although Joe Biden’s plan for the economy can not be implemented easily without the support and cooperation of the congress, his appeal to a wider spectrum of people will make the road to success much easier than any other possible president.

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